Crypto HR is a decentralized platform with a single system for verifying the skills and competencies of employees in the field of cryptocurrency. For each user, a portfolio will be created and a base of reviews and recommendations will be accumulated throughout all of his cryptocurrency activities. This gives substantial guarantees to the employer and increases the level of trust in one or another employee, which helps to reduce the time of selection and streamline the work process.

CHR Coin is one of the main payment platform tools. The token allows you to make payments without disclosing these user accounts. Therefore, they cannot be compromised.

CHR Coin will be used for: acquiring a monthly package for using the platform, acquiring VIP access to resumes and job openings, placing advertising banners on the platform, other services that will improve and facilitate the platform in the future

Tokens are created on the Ehtereum blockchain in accordance with the ERC20 standard. The platform was launched in 2019 without an ICO.