Karen Technozarovich

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Consulting clients Monitoring the quality of services and

orders from customers. Sale, and acquisition of equipment

for PTO service stations. Techno Vectra,

diagnostic about. Norberg's tools. Wide variety,

MAKITA, kin-Tony, Vince. I. T. D. Knowledge of CRM. Technical

knowledge of A/M

Conflict resolution.


Office Manager
from 10,000.00 руб. to 20,000.00 руб.
Category: Top-management
Moscow, Nizhny Susalny lane, 5с12
Loan officer
from US$250.00 to US$750.00
Category: Top-management
Senior master / Master work with clients
from US$20,000.00 to US$50,000.00
Category: Project management
AO: Eastern District of the city: Novogireevo « Major-Auto »