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Interpreters in general and Chinese interpreters in particular often pay in many forms. It can be paid by the hour - the session - the month with different levels and there is a significant difference depending on the working environment, the type of translation, the duration of the translation, the level of translation, specialized translation or brand PDV ... all will be clearly agreed in advance.

Below is the level of pay for translation by level and will be paid by the hour / session for your reference:

Level 1 (basic level): 40 USD / hour and 50-70 USD / day

Level 2 (intermediate level): 60 USD / hour and 80-100 USD / day

Level 3 (high level): 100 USD / hour and 200-300 USD / day

Depending on the nature of the job requires regular communication PDV or need support skills in related specialized areas where the translation wage will have a significant high-low difference.

In addition to the attractive salary as above, the translation profession also gives you the opportunity to study and cultivate knowledge from many sources - learn and perfect the translation skills from the previous skilled brothers and sisters - meet and contact, expand social relations with many customers ...
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