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The equally important quality of people working in the field of human resource management is the dedication to the profession. In any industry, if you want to reap a lot of success, you need to "devote" yourself to the work, need the "mind" for the goals that are being directed. Dedication is understood as always being devoted to the assigned tasks as well as caring for all employees in our company. Eliminating personal interests and thinking of common interests is a beautiful gesture to show responsibility and love for the job.

Communication here does not only communicate verbally but also in text. Fluent and fluent communication skills will make the opposite feel you are a reliable person. In addition, HR managers need to know to keep calm before uncontrolled situations, handle reasonable rational issues.

In addition, a good HR specialist needs to understand social knowledge, issues related to law such as labor law, regulations on health-social insurance, personal income tax ... to keep up. accurate information and advice when your employees have questions to answer.

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