Site Rules Crypto HR

General rules

1) The Internet project is a platform for placing ads about the search and job offer in the field of cryptocurrency.

2) To use the service registration is required.

3) The site is forbidden to have multiple accounts for one person. Duplicate accounts will be blocked.

4) When registering, the user chooses a login, which will be visible to all users of the site. Login may contain numbers, letters of the Latin alphabet. You can not use as a login phone numbers, profanity, words, translation or the sound of which can be negatively perceived by other users. Invalid logins (a set of numbers and letters) are prohibited. The administration has the right to change / delete such user logins.

5) It is forbidden to upload or place on the site content that is illegal, infringes copyrights or has offensive content, infringes upon the rights of minorities, contains insults to specific individuals or organizations, and promotes the use of narcotic and other harmful substances. It is forbidden to perform actions and content that violate international law.

6) If the user conducts a regular activity and receives a steady income on the website, he must independently regulate his relations with state bodies: issue IP / patent / legal on his own. face and pay taxes / fees on time.

7) All ads on the site are free. After placing the ad, the employer independently establishes contact with the applicant and agrees on the working conditions. After completing the order, the buyer is invited to leave feedback about the seller.

8) The content of the review should reflect the essence of the completed project and express an opinion on cooperation, and also not violate the current Site Rules.

9) The Site Administration has the right to:

Edit any hosted content; Remove any content posted on the site;

Block User Profile

The terms and conditions of use of the service are published on the site and can be changed by the administration without special notice to users.