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Identify the topic: Indicate the thesis, or purpose of the article in 1 or 2 sentences.
Identify readers and you will write to reach them
Who will read this article? Is the grading teacher or instructor? Or is it just a classmate? or people with experience in this field? ...
Create an article that is the most effective way to reach readers
Find the most suitable voice for expressing the meaning of that article.
Develop ideas, list available materials
Establish a list of ideas, important words - about 50 words - words and phrases that are the foundation for you to study the topic and start writing.
Make a list from documents and reviews about what you intend to write.
Set timelines to complete the article
Consider both the editing, editing and other arising time
Inspired time: Do not interrupt this step because it is easy to lose your mind and inspiration
Keep a list of phrases, comments, events ... so that you can use them later
Finding ideas, collecting information, and recording: Documents, interviews, readings, experiments, parameters, websites, reports ....
People who can help: instructors, tutors, document librarians, tutors, experts or people with a lot of knowledge in this area.
Resources: textbooks, supplementary materials, web pages, diaries, reports.
Arrangement: with diagrams to define, outline, think ...
Decide how you will set the context for the story, or the debate ....