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Service advisor enhances customer satisfaction.

The quality of work depends very much on the ability of the customer to listen to information about the damage, and convey this information to the technician in writing and verbally by the service advisor.

Customer service skills of service advisers greatly influence the decision of whether customers return and recommend to others.

- Service advisor considering service needs and providing that service to customers.

The service advisor reviews customer requests for services and at the same time finds other needs that customers do not know to consult customers.

- Service advisor to create garage image, dealer.

For customers, service advisors are not only individuals but also agents. Impressions and trust of customers in service advisors reflect both garage and agent. Impressions and trust are also word of mouth in the community, which can spread exponentially.

- Service advisor builds good relationships with customers.

Customers bring the car to the service station, walk to the reception desk with a worry. If the service advisor understands this, he will try to make the customer feel comfortable. In addition to professional advice, sometimes some jokes are enough for them to feel at home.