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Probably everyone knows communication skills are very important, not only with Assistant but with all other positions. An Assistant with good communication skills will be sympathetic to colleagues, partners and customers. This skill is demonstrated by listening ability, understanding ability, ability to grasp the psychology of the enemy, the ability to persuade and negotiate. In addition, for the international working environment, Assistant Assistant needs to understand the rules of many different cultures. This is the "powerful weapon" that brings success to your work. This skill can be cultivated through rubbing at work, learning from others, books or classes.

Everyone must be knowledgeable about the business field of their company to complete the job well. The assistant is an adviser to the director, so it is necessary to understand this knowledge. Not only in the business sector, the Assistant also needs to have a deep knowledge of the industry, customers, competitors, the position of the company in the market, as well as the current trend of the industry. As the director's right-hand man, ignorance will lead to wrong advice and decisions in handling work. This is what certain assistants must note.