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There are two basic forms of software development: Application Development (Systems Development) and Systems Development. Application development focuses on creating programs that meet the needs of users, from developed mobile applications to video games with high-budget or enterprise-scale accounting software. System development focuses on creating and maintaining operating systems using lifecycle development processes. System development usually includes data security and network performance.Any of us can think of interesting ideas, but you must be a new software developer capable of realizing those ideas. Even if you only intend to do software design work, you should still be familiar with writing code and being able to create basic prototypes. There are now many important and useful programming languages ​​that you can learn on your own like:

C - one of the old programming languages ​​still in use, is also the basis of most other languages ​​on this list. C programming language is used to develop low-level programs and compatible with computer hardware.

C ++ - an object-oriented version of the C programming language and also the most popular programming language in the world. Some programs like Chrome, Firefox, Photoshop and other programs are created in C ++ programming language, the common language used to create video games. C ++ software developers are almost always in high demand.

Java - version developed from the C ++ programming language and becomes a familiar language by easily switching platforms. Most systems can use Java Virtual Machine to run Java software. This language is widely used in video games and enterprise software. Many people believe that this is the basic programming language.

C # - Windows-based programming language and part of .NET framework from Microsoft. This language is closely related to Java and C ++, so if you have learned Java, you can quickly switch to C #. C # programming language is especially useful for developers creating Windows or Windows Phone software.

Objective-C - another version of the C programming language designed specifically for Apple systems. This language is extremely popular in iPhone and iPad applications; It is also a great language for free programmers.

Python - the language is easy to learn, can be considered one of the most easily understood languages. Python is dedicated to web development.

PHP - This is not really a software development language, but learning PHP is necessary if you are interested in learning about web development. There are always many jobs for PHP developers though not as profitable as software development.