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It is easy to see that professional female secretaries often have a "pretty appearance" standard by secretarial images that represent the image of enterprises, so the required appearance is justifiable. The "medium-sized" appearance does not mean that you have to have a model figure, a beautiful face, and you will be hired as a secretary. Standard appearance of a professional female secretary includes: height not less than 1m60, elegant dress, elegant, neat hair head, quick action style, lively and clear speech.

In addition to the standard of appearance, computer proficiency, typing with fast speed, fluent English, arranging and coordinating all tasks in the office, you need to know how to arrange and solve all the problems Timely, accurate and reasonable situations. Good communication and presentation skills are also indispensable factors.

Therefore, self-consciousness, self-motivating, self-motivating consciousness, creating trust, having a sense of responsibility and accomplishing a good job are essential. Sometimes, they will be able to trade and negotiate with partners on behalf of the Director. Therefore, the ability to listen, read, write and read is also essential. In negotiation, the good Secretary also acts as an assistant, at this time the computing power and the ability to speculate are always highly appreciated. In addition, appearance is also a factor to be considered by the Secretary (especially the Private Secretary) who often appears next to senior managers in meetings, negotiation and signing of the Contract.