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Aspirations and qualities are two indispensable factors if you want to become a CEO. We all agree that, in this mundane world, whatever it is, there must be aspirations. But desire is not enough, you have to have qualities. Going to school is one of the most effective ways to discover your own qualities.

Naturally, everyone has qualities. If anyone finds out or finds his or her qualities and embarks on that right, it is the sublimation of life. For example, if Piscasso is a CEO, will he save his history as a genius leader? E is no. And obviously, Piscasso was innate in art and he chose the painting profession to be engaged and now all mankind knows who Piscasso is?

And the quality to become a professional CEO, usually:

- Regarding index, requires: high IQ, high sensitivity index, high overcoming index ...

- About strategic thinking, required: general thinking, analytical thinking, system thinking, creative thinking, logical thinking, law thinking ...

- In terms of personality and demands, there must be: careful, thorough, strict, quick and sophisticated; strong, assertive, patient, endure ...

In addition, there should be charisma, prestige and inclination of the commander (for example, being able to gather, effect millions of other people in a natural, highly persuasive manner, with an organized mind and worth believe)…

Aspirations and qualities are two indispensable conditions to become a CEO. What will happen if a person has aspirations without qualities? For this case, it's a catastrophic illusion. And we will be sorry if a person has qualities without aspiration.

And enough conditions

But converging within ourselves aspirations and qualities of CEO career is only a necessary condition. Sufficient condition is to have more knowledge, experience and professional relations. These three conditions are known as "CEOs" of a CEO. In addition, a successful CEO must also have professional ethics as well as health, appearance and living capital ...

For more knowledge, the only way is to learn. But before learning anything, we need to answer the core questions, that is, to determine "Why to learn" and then to determine " What to learn and then "How to learn" (How to learn). This is the foundation of the 2W1H methodology. And never forget, "Learning to think before learning" (Learning how to think, before learning how to do).

The business environment is increasingly complicated, the amount of information to be updated is huge, so the CEOs need to regularly update their knowledge and learn to study at anytime, anywhere. Learn from your peers, colleagues and even your own employees, learn through examples of successful entrepreneurs around the world, through books that summarize past experiences business ... That is the portrait of a dynamic and successful CEO today. But which lessons are needed for a CEO? In other words, what should CEO learn? According to PACE's research, a professional CEO will attach their whole life to four areas: strategy, people, system and culture.

In order to be good at these jobs, the CEO needs to be equipped with management knowledge, including: general administration, functional administration, and project management. In addition, why do you need a career experience? Because no one can be professional at the beginning of the career, so, there should be a lot of experience, management and administration from different angles ...

Why should there be a professional relationship? Because no one can be good at jobs but lack of sharing with colleagues in society. Each profession has its own "playground", so each CEO needs to have a deep relationship in the business and CEO circles.