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Certainly at first, instinctively you will not like and avoid things about writing. Therefore, when looking at the to-do list, you are ready to choose the cliché and trivial things to do first instead of choosing to start writing.

So why don't you try to create content in the most comfortable mind?

If you are an animator, do not hesitate to come up with an idea and make a short video, an interesting video clip of a certain commercial event or a new product of your debut, ...

If you are a person who regularly works with numbers, collect data on products, markets, factories, etc. and publish it in your article.

If you're really "stuck" on the idea, be brave to reuse the text you've written and create it as freshly as possible. At the same time, do not forget to change the opening introduction so that it is more suitable for the target market of the business at the present time. Add a small tip that experts recommend that writers use it to add links to business websites in 5 old posts. This operation is very beneficial for SEO (Searching Engine Optimization).

Now you are in a "roundabout", thinking like a real Content Marketing person. Observe your media publications and statistics on how many video clips and audio interview customers, podcasts or webinars. Use them to convey the content you want to reach the broader community. However, not all viewers are really interested in video clips or podcasts so they will miss the ideas and words you are trying to convey. This group of customers are the ones who want to receive the direct value that your products and services bring to them, and want to be introduced more specifically and clearly on these issues. Based on the requirements of this customer group, you must have a combination in providing the necessary information about your product or service.