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The beauty of being creative is that you can create opportunities for yourself. Don't think that designers only work when working on a project. Think about it, you can only be hired when you prove your ability to employers, so why wait for employers when you can be your own employer? Create posters, design shirts, post them on forums, buy ideas for groups. Certainly when working for yourself, you will feel refreshed and less pressured.

You need to know that you are not the only designer in the world. In fact, the designer is a highly competitive profession, and it is the best job when you work with great people - customers who always have good ideas and fit your style of work. , friends of other designers give you new worldviews, always know how to unleash your imagination. But it is also the worst job - working with the deadline to tighten every day, for those who consider their creativity, know-how and not to appreciate the fruits of their labor. The fact that you see the problem depends on your eyes, and when you know how design is a profession, you will certainly be prepared to enter into this field.

A peculiarity of creative professionals that they have a very high ego. When creating a work, the designer had to study the meaning of every detail in his publication, so they always thought that their work was perfect. The problem here, is to balance between protecting ideas and listening to comments. Depending on the subject, and depending on the requirements, we should choose to speak or be silent, so in the end, the most benefited are the designers, helping them to improve their products.