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This skill includes skills in planning, organizing and operating businesses, and organizing personal work. Planning is the process of setting goals, developing strategies and plans to accomplish goals. In this process, managers must anticipate difficulties, obstacles, fluctuations in the business environment and have contingency plans.

Planning is far and near. Far from being the vision of the long-term business development path with the main question: "What will businesses in the next 5, 10 and 20 years be?".

The trend of globalization has a strong influence on this question. It is no longer possible to limit answers within an industry and a country, but it is time to locate it in the context of global competition and cooperation. Close planning is short-term plans like month, quarter, or year.

However, joint work will not be organized well if personal work is not organized effectively. Modern managers must be good at organizing their own work and time. Reasonable allocation of personal resources for daily affairs, development investment (learning, research), relaxation, family and society. The imbalance in individual resource allocation will reduce the performance of managers.