Financial Advisor

from US$4,554,545.00 to US$8,763,863.00
Dani Wellback
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The main task of a Financial Advisor is to make recommendations and guide Financial-related issues to help customers make more choices and make the most appropriate decision for themselves.

With this job, you can do in many different areas such as Insurance, Credit, Investment, Securities, Savings, or even pension counseling ... From there, you can provide guests with line up a wide range of services to maximize your benefits and plan the right financial plan in the future.

Skills to create trust and closeness with others

- Be sensitive to financial issues

- Honest, trustworthy and honest

- Listen well to customer needs

- Maintain relationships for a long time

This job requires you to have good experience and expertise. A degree is an essential element for you to build trust in your customers. With a fiercely competitive industry such as Financial Consulting, the quality and prestige international certificates will increase your advantage, most notably CFA is a certificate instead of an MBA for those studying Finance Officer.