Information services Manager

from 20,000.00 руб. to 40,000.00 руб.
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Requires Manager of information services (from 20 years) 

Work through the Internet, remotely, income from 40 000r growing, from 4 hours a day. 


--Experience appointment skills 

--Experience in service sales 

-Ownership of the PC at the user level 

-The desire to learn and grow up the career ladder 


+Work with clients 

+Accommodation of advertising 

+Inviting clients for an interview 

+Filling out reports, making 


*Official employment in the labor code, experience, social. package 

*White salary without delay 

*Free training in the techniques of running your business 

*Remote work 

*Paid vacation (flight, accommodation and meals at the expense of the company, per week - up to 3 times a year, worldwide) 

Details in the message or by number in Whatsapp/Telegram

89384498081 Natalia  . 89384498087 Andrew